Protect Your Family From Harmful EMF

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Fact: Radio frequencies are a form of sonic pollution.

Even if your ears can’t hear them, that doesn’t mean your body can’t! 📡

You've probably felt your body heat while holding your phone in your hands or to your ear. These are the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation.

But there are other invisible effects.

And just because you may not tangibly feel them, it doesn’t mean they're not there.

So far, industry regulatory bodies have focused solely on thermal effects to the exclusion of acknowledging OTHER adverse impacts from EMFs.

They have captured the telecommunications industry itself, failing the people in the process.

Regardless of what "industry bodies" publicly declare, we believe in creating the most harmonious and biofield-supportive environment for our family that we possibly can...

...which is why we're adding an incredible new device to our arsenal.

You simply plug it in and it will immediately neutralise the radio frequencies saturating your environment, creating a protective bubble 8 metres in diameter!

And, unlike many EMF-protection devices, you can visually see the effects. Using an RF detector, you can watch as the harmful radio frequencies in your vicinity vanish before your eyes. 🤯

If your body could talk it would thank you for cutting out the constant UNNATURAL background stimulation generated by electronic devices in the home, office, plane, or car.

We're constantly saturated by frequencies in the non-ionising radiation spectrum that create an undercurrent of agitation and stress, often at a basic subliminal level. 

The good news is, we don’t need to accept this anymore. 

Join us for this presentation where we’ll show you the power, convenience, and peace of mind this incredible device brings to our lives.

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